Website Redesigned


We recently launched our new website. Our team as redesigned it with new layout and theme. It looks so refreshing. In the new version, you will see updated content, refreshing layouts and improved navigation. The new website is also mobile responsive. Our design team have done excellent job in designing custom layout, images, icons and required infographics.


Here is what we did:

Audit Existing Website: We first analyzed existing website. We reviewed existing traffic and Google Analytics. We reviewed data for last three months and prepared pay-attention metrics. We figured bounce rate, top visited pages and conversions. Next we evaluated security and speed of the website. Finally we set a goal of what needs to be done.

Goals Set: We prepared set of goals to be accomplished in the new design. These include improving user experience and conversions, boosting website speed and performance. Our team did an exceptional job in reaching these goals.

Visitor-centric approach:
Our focus was on our website visitors and making the website to meet their needs. We reviewed many other competitor websites before preparing our website design. We kept in mind that the website is not for us, it is for web visitors to know more details about the company and also to send an enquiry on our services.

Development & Testing:
We used latest version of WordPress will all required plugins for security and performance. Our developers developed this website as responsive besides maintaining good measures for security and performance. The whole team did a excellent job in designing, developing, testing and launching this website. Kudos to all.