business process management

Business Process Management

Besides IT Services, AVIDEX also delivers ITES services to its customers. We have strong expertise in Business Process Management as we have been offering this service for many of our customers. Managing business processes is a big challenge for most of the organizations. We are here to help them. We study and understand their existing business process. We analyze the current state and identify areas of improvement to create more efficient and effective organization. We help companies improve their customer experience by adopting customer-centric digital transformation strategy.

We use both BPM and BPO services to support our clients to refine and improve their customer experience journey building the path to feasible and profitable business growth. We provide end-to-end BPO/BPM services which not only process transactions but also take your process completely and provide the same with minimum costs and deliver better SLAs.Being a global digital company, AVIDEX continuously revamping typical business process management & consulting into digitally transformed services across the globe.

We adher to Cutting-edge operations management tools, such as Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to help organisations differentiate themselves in a crowded competitive market.

Our BPM & BPO Verticals

Healthcare &
Education &
Finance &
Recruitment &
& Marketing
& Support

AVIDEX Client base

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Our BPM Life Cycle

We provide both Business Process Management and Business Process Outsourcing services based on our client requirement. We follow below life cycle in BPM process:

  • Analyze the existing set up
  • Design the proposed process
  • Model the process
  • Implement the process
  • Monitor and Control
  • Refine and Improve
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Even with a tight turn-around time, they never missed a beat. They kept quality in line with SLA. They’re my solution of choice

Donald Harrison
USA based Entrepreneur,

Our BPM/BPO Advantages

AVIDEX has proven expertise in BPM/BPO services. We provide exceptional results by decreasing your costs and increasing efficiecy. This will bring more revenue to your company.

Simplify Operations


Minimum Costs


Reduced Risks


Product Safety

Improved Sales

Outstanding Quality


Maintain Security


Better SLAs

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